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With PathXL you can view digitized preparations as if you were looking at them under a microscope. Existing preparations were scanned at high resolution for this purpose.

With PathXL you can:

  • zoom in on the preparation (usually up to 40x)
  • rotate the specimen
  • adjust the exposure
  • quickly navigate through the preparation
  • take a snapshot
  • view annotations of areas
  • calculate areas and distances.

Links to the preparations you will find:

  • in Xerte modules, such as Animal Physiology and Developmental Biology
  • In BlackBoard, as a direct link

A teacher can also make annotations on the preparation. On the left side is the number of available annotations, here for example 7:
7 ann.png

See also a example of such a digital coupe.
Use the left mouse button to open the slice in a new tab.

Here you will find the answer to frequently asked questions about PathXL

The link I used is not working, what now?

Send the used link, where it was located and which preparation you thought you were seeing to the CPIO.
You will receive an answer as soon as possible and a good link!

Can I also search for existing preparations?

Unfortunately, PathXL does not have a search function. You'll have to make do with the links you get.
If you are interested in a special subject, you can always contact CPIO.

Can I make my own annotations on a preparation?

No. You must be logged in and have editing rights to do this. The same goes for measuring distances.


Is your question not listed? Send an e-mail with your question to CPIO.