LabBuddy (ENG)

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In LabBuddy you can prepare your practical, and it helps you during the execution of the practical.
Special chromebooks are available for use in the lab during the practical.

Below the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Send an e-mail with your question to CPIO.

Where can I find the link?

You can log in via the link you receive with the course. This is a special link that ensures that you are logged in immediately.
You will then be taken to the start page for all LabBuddy modules of the faculty. Choose the right module.

A module consists of a website and an ExperD (Experiment Designer). The website is available without a login, but for the ExperD you must be logged in via the link in BlackBopard.

I can't login to LabBuddy/I can't access the module

You have to go to the module via the special link in BlackBoard. If you cannot access the ExperD with this link, please contact [1]. We will then check as soon as possible whether your account has been created and whether you have access to the module.

How do I make a flow scheme?

You can drag the blocks into your worksheet from the drop-down menu. You can connect blocks with IN/OUT connections by clicking on an IN/OUT and dragging to another IN/OUT. Watch this short video about LabBuddy.

My answers/notes in LabBuddy are not saved

After you have entered an answer in LabBuddy, you must click Submit. When you enter a note you have to click Save. If you then close LabBuddy too soon, the data may not have been saved properly. You will then see a warning in a popup window. To make sure that all your input has been saved correctly, you must click on the double arrows in the top right corner (the Save/Load button, see image) before closing LabBuddy.

The Save/load button is white if saved data is yet to be synchronized by the system.