E-learning modules in Xerte

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Here you will find the answer to frequently asked questions about Xerte.
Is your question not listed? Send an e-mail with your question to CPIO.

Where can I find the links?

These can be found in BlakcBoard under Course Content. Where exactly differs per course. You can also find an overview of all modules here (in Dutch).

Do I need to login to Xerte?

You do not have to log in to Xerte. Your teacher can give you direct access to the e-learning with a link.

Will my results be saved in Xerte?

Yes, but anonymously. Because you do not have to log in, all stored data is anonymous and cannot be traced back to a person.
A teacher can track the activity of the users in a Xerte module. For example, a teacher can see how often a module is used and which answers are given to questions.

This application was taken into use in September 2023, and the UU Learning Analytics Team is conducting a survey among all users, with the following statement:

Letter to students
Dear student,

In academic year 2023 - 2024, a new educational tool has been implemented that can help e-module developers to further optimize the e-modules. We would like to measure the effect of this educational tool on student satisfaction with regard to the e-modules.
We have prepared a short questionnaire that can be completed anonymously. A link to the questionnaire is at the end of the e-modules. More information about what we intend to do with the results is described in the information letter preceding the questionnaire.

Cordial greetings,

Team learning analytics
Education - Learning Analytics - Utrecht University (uu.nl)

I have a question/comment about the material in a Xerte module, where should I go?

Ask your question to your teacher. The teacher is responsible for the content.
If adjustments to the module are necessary because something is wrong, the teacher can inform us.

I found a (technical) bug, where should I go?

If a question or page does not work properly, you can report this to us.
This will then be corrected as soon as possible (usually within a day).